Electronic Message Center

Volkan Signs & Lighting, Inc. has partnered with one of the leading LED sign manufacturer in the world. With all the experience and support from our engineering and manufacturing partners, we can offer a wide range of super bright, high performance LED displays for various applications. From our high-brightness premier Hybrid line, featuring individually detachable pixels, to our energy efficient Infinity solid state display system; our goal is to continue to lead the industry in innovation, value and performance along with 100% customer satisfaction. As most of you know TV has revolutionized the world and the advertising industry since 1950’s. Electronic Message Centers (EMC) is the new way to reach out to your targeted audience. This outdoor sign is more cost effective than, TV, radios and online media. EMC's give you the ability to create a brand new ad every day, hour, minute, or few seconds, free of charge. You can change the marketing to meet the goal any time you want because you own it. This flexibility can't be matched. Our case studies show that after the installation of an EMC sign average sales increase is between 12% and 19%.

Advertise your products every day and keep your advertising fresh and in real time. Your ads will never get stale. More importantly, customers will not get tired of looking at your sign because it is new content every time. Take action today and give us a call to learn more about Electronic Message Centers (EMC). Our experienced professionals will guide you to choose the best possible EMC unit that is best for your business to help improve sales.