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For all businesses who already have a sign they are happy with but need it repaired, Volkan Signs & Lighting, Inc. is here for you. We have been performing sign repair for Schaumburg, IL businesses for years and we can get your sign looking like new again. Don’t put off fixing your business sign another day.

We repair all kinds of business signs including, but not limited to:

• Neon Signs

Some of the most common kinds of business signs, neon signs, can be seen all over town. We specialize in repairing neon signs and replacing the gasses needed to illuminate them.

• LED Lights

We perform sign repair for your LED-powered business signs. Our experts are familiar with all the latest LED and EMC technology. Programmable LED signs can be a great option for providing information to your customers but programming them can be a bit tricky. Let the experts at Volkan Signs & Lighting, Inc. repair and program the perfect message for your LED sign.

• Face-lit Signs

The experts at Volkan Signs & Lighting, Inc. can provide quality sign repair on any and all of your face-lit signs.

• Halo-lit Signs

Volkan Signs & Lighting, Inc. repairs all kinds of light sources for your business signs, including halo-lit light sources.

• Monument Signs

These signs can add a tasteful and elegant flavor to your business or property. Don’t let your monument sign lose its allure with fallen lettering or discoloration. We can repair your monument signs quickly and professionally. Broken signs are unattractive and they can cost you customers and business. How will you attract new customers if they can’t even read the name of your business? The sign repair service of Volkan Signs & Lighting, Inc. can get your business sign looking vibrant and attractive again. Enquire about our sign repair services today!

Our Services include, but not limited to:

• Cost saving retrofits

• Sign maintenance

• Parking lot lamp maintenance

• Emergency exit and security lighting

• Upgrades and additions

• Lamp maintenance

• Neon repair and installation

• Stadium lighting

• New pole installs and take downs

• Broken underground wiring and pipe repairs

• Luminous testing and consulting

• Tracing and repairing shorts

• Replacing rusted/damaged poles and pole fixtures

• Restoration of existing poles

• Equipment to service hard to access fixtures

• 24 hour lighting emergency calls for all customers

• Structural Engineering safety inspections

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